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Published on 05.06.2011, by lubosdz


CarBooker - Reservation online system for car rental companies


CarBooker features frontend and backend intefaces.

While the frontend applies intelligent selection algorithm for selecting available cars in requested period and calculates instantly rental price, the backend part privides extensive management for all related tasks - managing rented cars, prices, additional products and discounts. With CarBooker you can get immediate overview of your business activities.

Try out CarBooker online demo »

Inventory Manager »

Catalogue for managing inventory assets of the company.

This application is basically a catalogue to keep information about all inventory items in your company issued into personal usage to employees. It can e.g. generate inventory issue / return protocol, create reports upon various filters, integrate with 3rd party tools etc.

Try out Inventory Manager online demo »

iPDF - Intelligent PDF formulars »


iPDF is a web technology enabling the creation and processing of electronic PDF documents online.

iPDF server was designed to provide the internet user with comfortable and intuitive interface for creating online PDF documents in real time.

iPDF server enables immediate validation of user-entered data with instant warning messages. It will automatically recalculate and fill out related input fields, show or hide necessary fields, enable or disable access for user to certain fields and thus minimize user-caused input errors. By storing complete validated document data model on server it prevents from loss of already entered data. Complete documents can be generated simply by a single click, and optionally signed with X.509 certificate, downloaded or archived. By a single click, entered data can be transferred to another related document.

iPDF server is optimal solution for companies collecting data from online users or a solution for mass collection of PDF docuemnts online.

Check out implementation of slovak taxation formulars for 2010 »


Online Test Builder / PHP Quiz Builder »


Web application for creating online knowledge tests and quizzes.

Do you need to test your students or a sales represantative of your company? Online Test Builder (original working title "PHP Quiz Builder") allows you to create and manage online test campaigns for target groups of respondents.

It can generate individual or cumulative score reports, evaluate the progress of an individual respondent (or group of respondents) in time by correlation analysis and export data according to various filters.

Try out Online Test Builder demo »


Insurance portal » (2005 - 2010)

Development and implementation of solutions for one of the largest insurance online portals in Czech Republic "Top-Pojištění.cz". Automating the processing of the contracts (backoffice automation), design and implementation of complex motor hull insurance, redesign of online calculators, development of portal CMS (supporting on-demand cache) etc.


Implementation of the sales marketing channel for Thai producers of textiles.


Older projects or websites already passed away:-)

  • Kovomac - web presentation of a metallurgical company.
  • Autopozicovna-JK - web presentation of a car rental service company.
  • Implemented payment gateway for Trencin water-distributing company.
  • - web presentation of a caffeteria in Banska Bystrica.
  • - web presentation of financial consulting company.
  • - website about rafting on slovak rivers (Donau, Morava).