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Published on 13.06.2011, by lubosdz

There are dozens of companies involved in creating online shops (eShop), installation of CMS systems and SEO consultation. The market is in this respect sufficiently competitive and my work philosophy is not to fight for a little piece of cake with well established companies capable of providing quality services.

However, the truth is, that the larger company, the more will charge you - simply because of its higher operational costs. Obviously, this fact is likely to be in contrast to what you'd expect:-)

Thus, finding someone who will create attractive website for reasonable price becomes a matter of a compromise between your requirements and your wallet:-)

Personally, I would recommend following:

  1. Turn on your computer, create new document (notepad will suffice:-)) and put down 20-30 sentences describing your vision of how your e-shop should look like. Include short list of assumed subcategories and subpages.
  2. Send the description to 4-5 IT web companies requesting preliminary quotation on supplied description of your e-shop or CMS. Reputable companies will respond within 1-2 days, ignore the others.
  3. Evaluate received offers...
  4. Still in doubts about prices, technology, time schedule...?
  5. Well, try to address me... I may act as your independent "web mentor or supervisor" to assure the quality of delivered solution, providing advices on how to register domain or suggest technical solution. Check out my charges for consulting services.

online shops (eShops)

If you, in spite of aforesaid, fail in finding somebody to setup your eShop, I will be happy to elaborate solution proposal for you. If you require delivering also design, this can be delivered either by third party professional graphics designer or (significantly cheaper and mostly sufficcient solution) or via purchasing professional web tempate online.

Currently I support installing one of following open-source (free) eShops:

OpenCart »
OpenCart is one of the newest online shops on the internet, which is reflected its modern design. It's built on the top of PHP5.2+ and contains most of language localizations.
Oxid eSales »
Oxid is german software product. It is not open source, but offers a free community edition without support. It has small memory footprint guaranting good performance and uses underlaying template engine Smarty.
Prestashop »
Popular and widespread e-shop (open source) with number of administrative functionality. A bit inflexible design architecture, I would recommend purchasing an existing template from internet.
Magento »
Magento is built on top of the old Zend Framework and has enormously high demands on memory, which is reflects in its poor performance. It is necessary to tune up production server with at least 512 RAM along with PHP opcache extension. Nevertheless, Magento offers probably richest set of administrative functions and is favored by big companies able to pay for higher development and installation costs.

CMS (Content Management Systems)

Installation of selected CMS is a matter of few hours. However, if you need special features, you must calculate additional development costs. Currently I support installing following CMS/WMS:

Wordpress »
Simple, but not simpler. The most widespread blogging software these days. It includes everything you need for online publication of documents. The WordPress community created numerous free or commercial templates and modules.
Joomla »
Joomla has a long-standing development. Common internet users tend to choose Joomla due to intuitive administration. More professional community criticized Joomla poor architecture and some missing features in the past (e.g. system privileges).
Drupal »
Long-time competitor in popularity contest with Joomla. Drupal is considered for more professional, more versatile with more steepy learning curve then Joomla. Also criticized by a part of the community for less intuitive administration and non-object oriented architecture.
Typo3 »
Typo is an scandinavian elephant amongst CM systems favourable in german speaking countries. It is absurdly flexible with its own semi-programming syntax, but at the same time enormously complex. It is opted by larger companies able to pay higher development costs and requiring special features.

SEO optimization

Poorly designed website means additional costs for you for SEO optimization. It is really difficult to optimize search results in search engines - first a damaged reputation of the web must be fixed, following continuous many-steps optimization. This is a long-run work - it may take months to see the results. It's more reasonable to pay 10% of extra costs to experienced designer than 50% extra costs for fixing the work of the cheaper one, right?:-)

If free available online SEO analytical tools or Google webmaster tools will not suffice, i will be happy to analyze steps towards higher and objective ranking (I don't use black techniques) in search engines for your site:

  1. identifying the roots of poor search ranking
  2. elaboarting steps towards objectively highest ranking (targeting Google results)
  3. suggesting precautions to ensure long-term high search positions

Check out charges for SEO consulting or send me an email »