Yii freelancing and consulting

Published on 14.06.2011, by lubosdz

PHP Yii framework is currently the most advanced open source PHP MVC framework for fast RIA (Rich Internet Applications, Web 2.0) development. Utilizing Yii's robust set of components and exhaustive documentation is a significant time saver for developer as well as cost saver for the customer. It also ensures the quality of the code since the framework codebase is being long-term tested by hundreds of users.

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Yii Freelance Development

I am available for hiring as a freelance Yii developer. I can work on an individual or team-coordinated distributed applications on a short or long term basis. Interested? Drop me a line »

Yii Consulting

I am available also for occassional individual PHP Yii consulting with regard to actual charges. Consulting for products delivered by myself this would be most likely free service according to delivery conditions.

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