Web development

Published on 15.06.2011, by lubosdz

In consultation with the customer I design and develop solutions for web-based applications that can be used within company's intranet, for online internet or as a desktop installations.

• economic software

I mainly focus on delivering solutions for applications used in evaluation and management of company's business processes. As example is the application Inventory Manager that enables independent management of company's property (inventory assets). It can catalogue company's suppliers, offices, departments, employees, inventory items and inventory assignments. It may integrate with the 3rd party applications (exports, imports, SOAP, REST, XML-RPC), generate custom reports and provide tools inventory lifecycle analysis.

• database aplications (databaseware)

Do you need to create a database system for customer management, employee attendance or centralized financial management of constructional sites?

Upon consulting I can suggest and deliver applications from a simple database administration through the GUI interface to a comprehensive database-based applications featuring webservices, generating PDF documents, export - import tools, analysis, reporting and infographics tools.

• fullindex search applications

For existing as well as new portals I implement fulltext search algorithms for search engines such as Apache Lucene, Sphinx, Solr or GSA (Google Search Appliance). According to the requirements and following analyse, final solution might be integrated into existing portal infrastructure or a completely independent new infrastructure e.g. based on selected PHP framework (e.g. Yii, Zend Framework).

• webové služby

I can develop and integrate web services (SOAP / REST server, XML-RPC) according to individual customer requirements. This includes authorization and authentication services, installation of SSL certificates to secure access into company's infrastructure.

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