Browsers - false ENTER - TAB key behaviour

Published on 23.09.2012, by Lubos Dzurik

Browsers - false ENTER - TAB key behaviour

While working on iPDF formulars I received a lot of responses from internet users. Many of them were common inexperienced users with only basic knowledge of how to fill out online HTML forms.

Surprisingly, many responses were complaints about difficulties on filling out my online HTML forms - which is essential building block of my iPDF application. After investigation I realized, that the root of the problem is not within my application but lies within wrong implementation of browser behaviour on HTML forms.

The problem:

While being focused on input field - by pressing ENTER, one would expect that focus will move to the following field. Instead all browsers implemented something unexpected - form submission! So - how should ordinary (inexperienced) internet user know that he must press the TAB - key in order to move to next input field?

Yeah, yeah I know - they will learn quickly about the TAB key - but that is not the point. The point is that common internet users naturally expect the ENTER key to be pressed once they fill in their data into some input field. Check out demos 2 and 3 and let me know what do you think.

DEMO 1 :: Default behaviour - on ENTER form is submitted:

PHP rocks!:

DEMO 2 :: Natural human behaviour - on ENTER focus will move to next input element. Form is submitted only when focused form element is a INPUT SUBMIT field:

PHP rocks!:

DEMO 3 :: Form without submit button - move to the top first element once reached last element. Missing submit button is either design error or design intention (just like iPDF formulars):

PHP rocks!:

Javascript - Fix HTML Form behaviour

// changed default form behaviour - each form not having "default" 
// in ID attribute will have on pressing ENTER
// focus moved to next input field rather than being submitted.
    var myForm=$(this);
    if(e.which == 13){
        var $targ = $(;
        if (!$"textarea") && !$":button,:submit")) {
          var focusNext = false, first = false, isFocused = false;
          // loop through all form elements
                    // store first element
                if(this ==={
                    // we just found changed element - following is to be focused
                    focusNext = true;
                }else if(focusNext){
                    if(this.type !== 'submit' 
                      || (this.type == 'submit' &&'_back')===-1)){
                        // do not focus on submit button 
                        // having "_back" in ID attribute
                        isFocused = true;
                        if(this.type == 'submit'){
                            return false;
            // we looped through all elements but could not focus on next element
                // focus again at first form element
            return false;


Due to some historical reasons, all browsers implement not natural human behaviour of HTML forms regarding the ENTER key.

Moving to next input element should occur after pressing the ENTER key, not after pressing the TAB key (TAB key behaviour is okay to keep for backward compatability). A form should only be submitted on pressing ENTER when focus on last form element occurs and such an element is of type INPUT SUBMIT button.

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